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We have worked for more than 60 clients in a wide variety of business types.  Examples include:

  • Various applications for a government agency concerned with the transport and storage of radioactive waste
    • A transport logistics and cost model (Excel)
    • A database with a user-friendly query developer, using Access and SQL Server
    • A design optimisation model for an underground repository (Excel).
  • Result viewing and reporting software for a computer-based survey company: Perceptor Solutions
    • A wide variety of graphical and tabular presentation in the viewer (Excel)
    • Automated reporting to Word, Powerpoint or HTML
  • An order processing database and production planning database for a plastics manufacturer: Oxford Plastics (Access and SQL Server, Excel and Outlook)
  • Reporting and presentation software for a dental management system: Dentvisor (Excel and Powerpoint)
  • A projects database for a partnership of occupational psychologists: Pearn Kandola (Access and SQL Server, Excel and Outlook)
  • Timesheet software for a chain of restaurants:The Banquets Group (Excel)
  • Job tracking, vehicle and driver scheduling database for a vintage vehicle hire company: Nostalgia Travel (Access and Word)